Hawkins Cookers Limited has been in business since 1959.Based in Mumbai , India, Today, it has two offices, three factories and about 900 persons working. It is the leader in the pressure cooker market in India and has exported its products since 1974 to various countries in each of the six continents of the world.

Hawkins has sold over 50 million pressure cookers worldwide. Today, it makes 65 different models of pressure cookers in 8 different types. All Hawkins pressure cookers are listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc., USA, a not-for-profit institution testing products for public safety.
Each pressure cooker made by Hawkins features an inside fitting lid. This design is inherently safer than conventional pressure cookers. To open any Hawkins cooker, you have to first lower the lid slightly into the body of the cooker; and that cannot be done until the steam pressure inside the cooker falls to a safe level. Thus Hawkins pressure cookers are pressure-locked for safety – like a jetliner door!
Hawkins offers 65 different pressure cooker models in different brands – Hawkins & Futura.

In total, considering all brands & sub-brands together, Hawkins makes different types of pressure cookers as following:
Classic, Contura, Contura Hard Anodised, Ekobase, Stainless Steel Induction Compatible,Futura Hard Anodised, Hawkins Big Boy models.


The designers of Futura Cookware have spared no effort to provide you with the best possible cooking experience.
Each pot or pan is made from heavy gauge, commercially pure aluminium 3.25 mm to 6.35 mm thick for even heat dispersion and steady heat retention. Each pot or pan is given a technologically advanced surface coating to give you a superb cooking surface.

Sturdy, comfortable, stay-cool handles form part of Futura Cookware using the finest materials in rosewood, plastic or stainless steel.
Each Futura Cookware item is designed for the purpose for which it is made and tried out thoroughly in the Hawkins Test Kitchen before the designs and specifications are approved. Each piece is manufactured carefully and subjected to strict quality control. Each piece is individually packed in a strong, attractive carton designed for protection in transit and sales appeal. An instruction manual with tested recipes comes free in each cookware carton (except Tadka Pans and the One Litre Hard Anodised Saucepan).
Futura Cookware is presented in two types of cooking surfaces – Hard Anodised and Nonstick. Some types of cooking are done better on the Hard Anodised surface and other types of cooking are done better on the Nonstick surface.


Ocean glass is one of Asia’s leading glass tableware manufacturers based in Bangkok , Thailand, providing an extensive range of quality glassware and services in all aspects of business, from retail and food service to decorated glassware.

For more than two decades, Ocean Glass has aimed to produce glassware that are designed and manufactured to the highest level of functionality and quality

The extensive range of products includes tumblers,plates, bowls, stemware, glass jars, teacups, beer mugs etc..covering practical very item for table use.


Seagull being a brand form Thai Stainless Steel Co Ltd, is a holder of ISO 14001. The brand specialised in pure stainless steel cookware, nonstick frypans and hard anodised woks. It has an extensive range which also included Hotel and catering products like Chafing dishes, food display producrs ,noodles pots etc.. which very well cater for heavy usage.

With the combination of accumulated manufacturing experience and skills staff, consumers are assured that Seagull stainless steel products will retain their quality for many years. With an aim to enhance living standard of buyers, the company’s management and staff have committed themselves to manufacture the best quality products under the slogan “Buy Quality, Buy Seagull”