Melissa 2007-2008 More Tom Spy 2 For School Chaux-des-Pres on 30/06/08 – 3:54 p.m.

PRINTING THE ECOLE.- Teaching techniques (C. Freinet). – The cooperative school file. – Our Educational research: Delicate Case (Faure and C.F.). – Our technical research: Freinet press with automatic pressure system (C.F.). – Box binder for F.S.C. – The life of our group: The Anthology. – newspapers and educational journals. CORRESPONDENCE INTERSCHOLASTIC BY INTERNATIONAL ESPERANTO. – Letter from a Russian teacher. – How to organize our international correspondence. THE MOVIE THEATER. – The conditions for a good school cinema (hose). – The Panoptic (Hose). INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTATION: The cinema, child, school (continued) (Itchenko). RADIO: Power Transmission (Fragnaud). – Transmission Program. EDUCATIONAL TECHNIQUES. – Cinema, Radio, Discs (Freinet). – To save the eyes of our children (Lallemand). BOOKS-NEWSPAPERS MAGAZINE. MUTUAL AID COOPERATIVE. Authors: Alberthe Faure, Freinet, Itchenko R. […]